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For over a decade, Closir has been entrusted by blue chip companies around the world to help them achieve their IR objectives.

We are an agile, innovative team who love working closely with our clients and stakeholders to shape IR tools around their needs.

We empower our clients with the most complete database of buy-side contacts on the market, a user-friendly platform and the best support team in the business.

Simple-to-use features which empower investor relations teams to achive their goals proactively


  • Intelligent, in-depth analysis of investment in peers
  • Industry-leading, multi-sourced buy-side coverage
  • Ability to target ESG-focused funds or individuals

Investor meetings

  • Sophisticated RSVP system - no email back and forth
  • Invitation automatically sent to the right person
  • Full operational support from our team


  • Most comprehensive, accurate contacts database on the market
  • Detailed investor profiles & event agendas
  • Ability to extract high-level data from past meetings

Reports & analytics

  • Data visualisation on holdings, activity, consensus & more
  • Customisable, automated reports on all elements of IR
  • Central repository for all IR data

Conference calls

  • Phone, webcast, video & streaming
  • Transcripts, recordings, attendee lists & call moderation
  • Full integration with your CRM with record of attendees & questions

Share & peer holder analysis

  • Most comprehensive range of sources (not just 13Fs)
  • Integration of s/h data from any sources (exchange, custodian etc.)
  • Local and global mapping in multiple languages

Perception & feedback

  • Customisable quantitative or qualitative survey
  • Dynamic record of investor sentiment over time
  • Permanent log of feedback from meeting invitations


  • Customisable templates for specific mailing lists
  • Open & bounce rates, automatic list cleaning
  • Queuing of future messages

IR website integration

  • Real-time stock price chart integration
  • Integrated calendar to allow investors to register for events
  • ‘Sign up for mailing list’ button


Find the right investors for your story

Find the right investors for your story

Quickly identify and prioritise top potential strategic investors who are most likely to meet and invest in your company using the most comprehensive buy-side database on the market. Invite investors for meetings and fill events with almost no demand on your time, with our RSVP system and support team ensuring the right people review and respond.

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Take control of your IR strategy and generate high-level, actionable Intelligence on investors and interactions.

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Loved by companies of all sizes worldwide

Our clients value our comprehensive toolkit, which encompasses engagement, intelligence, and IR workflow solutions, as well as our industry-renowned, hands-on support team.

    • We trust Closir to help us optimise our agenda, manage our earnings calls and generate valuable IR reports throughout the year. The team and platform are supportive and professional, and the switch to Closir was seamless.

      Banco Santander Chile
    • We are very happy with the quality of the earnings calls, the user-friendliness of the interface, and the dedicated support we receive from the Closir team. Closir also helps us to target investors and to keep our CRM updated with all our interactions.

      Fibra Uno
    • While travelling, Closir’s mobile app gives our team very useful information about upcoming meetings, insights about the investor as well as helpful logistical information.

    • The Closir platform is professional and intuitive, and the team provides close support. The CRM is user-friendly and allows us to quickly generate agendas, shareholder & activity reports and other useful updates. We love the platform!

      Jose Cuervo
    • Thank you so much for all your help, support and understanding 😊 You've been great! The management board is very happy.

      Warsaw Stock Exchange
    • Closir is super easy and simple to use. Organising meetings myself with global investors only takes a few clicks. The process is straightforward and if I need any help, there is always someone from the team to give us a hand.

    • The meetings we organised through Closir went very well. Closir identified funds that weren’t on our radar (Tier 1, 2 & 3) and helped us quickly arrange meetings with them.

      Banco de Chile
    • We work with Closir to ensure global institutional investors have the best possible access to the company. A key part of this involves proactively targeting investors throughout the year and organising meetings with them directly.

      PKO Bank Polski
    • The virtual NDR really went well. The investors were interested and they asked questions. Thank you very much for your support, it was beyond my expectations. You and the team being available all the time made us really comfortable.

      Anadolu Efes

About us

Closir is a UK-based investor relations (IR) support services provider. For over a decade we have been entrusted by blue chip companies around the world to help them achieve their IR objectives due to our intimate knowledge of the global buy-side, our technological expertise, and our close, long-term partnership approach.

Closir was designed by IR experts for IR professionals; we are an agile, innovative team who work closely with our clients and stakeholders to shape the solution around their needs and provide them with genuine, regular insights into the market.

The Closir platform is an all-in-one, web-based solution which makes companies much smarter and more effective, by helping them to achieve their IR objectives intelligently and proactively.

Closir combines all elements of IR, from high-level strategy (“Who’s investing in my peers?”) to daily workflow (“What topics came up most in my meetings with investors this quarter?”) into one intelligent, user-friendly platform which includes the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of buy-side contacts on the market; proactive outreach tools; share & peer holder tracking; customisable reports; and professional-level support.

Meet our team

  • Michael Chojnacki

    Executive Chairman

  • Ahmed Alsamarrai


  • Tim Greer

    COO / Head of Sales

  • Nisrine Nizam

    Head of Product

  • Leila Nizam

    Head of Technology

  • Anastasiia Khalabuda

    Head of Research

  • Rafal Nowakowski

    Global Customer Success Manager

Closir is a global company with headquarters in the UK
and staff based around the world

  • UK
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America
  • Middle East

Contact us

We have a dedicated support team available to answer questions and provide technical assistance.

Bouverie House, 160 Fleet Street
London, EC4A 2DQ